Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Christmas Surprise!

One of the joys of living outside the United States is the fact that things people take for granted there become special treasures.  It is amazing how special it makes you feel when people send you a big box of those sorts of things--especially the junk food.  We got a special box of treasures from Poplar Grove Baptist again this year.  If we work at it, we should have stuff to last us well into the new year!  (And it will provide us overweight adults with practice in resisting temptation!)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Fall Photos

We took some pictures of the kids beside this beautiful aspen tree. The fall colors here were just gorgeous.

Jonah is 13 now and about to outgrow his mother, which isn't much of a feat since I am only 5'3". We are hoping he will take his growth spurt soon.

Ashlyn is 11 almost 12 and has begun to exhibit teen tendencies. Oh boy!

Caedon is 9 and is my first child to actually not need slim fit jeans. The whole milk we bought to fatten up the kids is working on Caedon at least!
Logan is 6 and just begun school. He has learned just enough now to start trying to read everything. Now we are in trouble!

We are enjoying our time here in Graz and will be sad to have to leave, but we are also looking forward to going "home" to Dresden.