Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days!

The kids started school today. Jonah and Ashlyn attend the Akademische Gymnasium Graz. Jonah is in 3a (classes go from 1-8, 1=5th 8=12th) and Ashlyn is in the Flexi class, 2c. They have time in the day where they will work alone on their assignments. This is new to us, so we will see how it works out. Thankfully, Ashlyn is our diligent student and can handle this type situation.

Caedon and Logan attend the Volksschule Sankt Veit ( folk school saint "fite") It is a very small, Catholic school, a part of the St. Veit parish. The boys will be expected to attend Chapel and religion classes. We may have to help them "unlearn" a few things! Logan's class is in the 3rd floor under the eaves of the roof.

Logan with his "Tüte". It is a 1st grade tradition. It was filled with candy, school supplies and toys. He didn't have time to open it up at school, so he opened it when we got back to the house.
St. Veit catholic church, seen from the school and inside during the first day of school orientation.

Caedon's class is in the "Kontainer". His is the classroom in the far part of the blue building. Caedon's 3rd grade is only one class, whereas all the other grades (1-4th) have 2 classes. The school has been outgrown and requires some renovation, so 3rd and 4th grades have been moved to the portable buildings. Next to the school is a large building site with a crane and a big mess!
A view from the school toward the city of Graz. The school and church are on a hill on the outskirts of the city.