Monday, August 13, 2007

We had a good time away in Prague this month. It was a good first vacation for many reasons, but two stood out in particular. First, it was a great demonstration of how far we've come. We stayed in a house away from downtown and did our shopping and cooking at home. We rode public transportation everywhere. We didn't understand a bit of Czech! It was a great reminder of where we were 14 months ago in Dresden. We really have come a long way in German! Secondly, it was really good to come home-to Dresden-and have it feel like home!

St. Nicholas Church

Bell Fountain, makes a sound like chimes as the water hits it.

Charles Bridge, looking into the Little Quarter, St. Nicholas Church visible

From St. Nicholas steeple, looking back across Charles Bridge

a view from the steeple, miniature Eiffel Tower

Prague Cathedral and Castle

Charles Bridge seen from the castle

Powder Tower

Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock

Okay so everyone is prone to a little bias, but this is silly. In the Prague castle guide brochure, it says (of the building above):

"it is widely considered the most beautiful building north of the Alps."

What! They seriously think that when there is so much to compare it to in Prague alone? Just turning around one can see the cathedral and castle (below).