Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We went to Graz, Austria in February to check out the city and meet some people already serving there. As per our last visit, it was very cold and gray. I think living there in the winter will be difficult but having the Alps nearby may be enough to make it better! Other than the cold, gray weather, I like the city. It is more traditionally European in size (everything close together) as opposed to Dresden that is very spread out. It is also much smaller, half the size of Dresden. We are looking forward to and dreading the year away from home.
Town square
We aren't sure who these men are but they were loud!

On the Mur river across from the very strange looking Culture Palace. We have nicknamed it the body organ building!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We celebrated Logan's birthday in Prague a month or so ago. Here are some of the pics. Logan turned 6 and will start school in Austria this year. It is hard to believe our baby is already 6.

He wanted a Toy Story theme so we had Toy Story strawberry cake!

Lego plane from the Chumbley's
New Lego Ninja fighters. He had these first before his brothers!
Transformer Bumblebee

Logan had asked for a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas but we weren't sure he was old enough but we went ahead and got one for his birthday. It has been a hit except now it is broken but we aren't sure who's fault!