Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some pics from the last weeks before summer break officially began.
The boys' new bikes. We bought them for 15 euros each at the flea market on the river. Bikes are really expensive here (60 euros, $75) for the cheapest, smallest bikes (too small for even Logan)!
Caedon riding Logan's new bike. After Logan got his,Caedon decided he needed one, too. Logan's was a bit too small.

Logan riding his new bicycle. He learned without training wheels and was riding it within 30 minutes or so without help. He still needs help with stopping and starting though.
Jonah's school won 1st place in the state for their grade school newspaper. The teacher says it was because of Jonah's comic strip! Here are some of them receiving their award and "interviewing" the artist Jonah.
Ashlyn at her end of year recorder recital. She has been learning on it in preparation for the flute or oboe, she can't decide.
Jonah's report card. The 2's at the top are grades for working with others, neatness, etc. A 2 is anywhere from a 80 to a 94. The numbers below are german, math, science, crafts, art, music, english, ethics , gym and french. He received two a+s for english and ethics.

Ashlyn's report card. She received an a+ in her industriousness. She earned a 1 (95-100) in music and ethics. She only got a b- in math but her grades are good enough to get her into gymnasium too!
Good jobs kids!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Caedon and Logan had school pictures done!