Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ice cream is a beloved treat here in Germany and is enjoyed all year round and all day long. I have seen people eat it as early as 9 a.m.. There are many different and interesting flavors and one can even get their alcohol fix.

Here is a pic of downtown from the riverside flea market. It was a rather rainy day, which is typical for fall. This fall has been really mild and sunny and we have enjoyed it immensely!

The other day we made a trip downtown and decided to eat at one of only a couple "mexican" restaurants in town. I asked for an english menu because I knew it was not well translated! Here is a sample. The third is especially funny.

Chicken stripes anyone?
Whistle rolled? and they used the french word for mushrooms (champignons)
Good thing it is only a little covered. But what if I want it completely covered?
Compilate yourself (not sure how to do that?) Nipple, anyone?