Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here are the rest of the pictures that were supposed to go with the previous post...

Well, we had a good Thanksgiving this year on Wednesday which was the uniquely Saxon holiday: "Prayer and Repentance Day." You actually have to do some research to find out what the holiday is all about. Around here it is just another day off that has lost its religious connotation. Hey, sort of like Turkey -er- Thanksgiving Day back in the states! On Friday the kids had no School so after our German classes, we went over to Meissen. Wow! An amazingly beautiful little city! As with most settlements here, it is built around the focal point of a church that is literally a museum now.

Uncle Steve typcast as the donkey for "The Good Samaritan" devotional.
Logan sporting Dad's new winter hat.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well, we got over to Berlin today. It was quite the experience! We saw a lot of the well known sights, including some of what is left of "The Wall." I even got my passport stampted at "Checkpoint Charlie" with the old DDR stamp!

Here we are at the Brandenburg Gate. (Logan is in the stroller.)

Here he is on the Berlin Subway. He liked pushing his face against the glass.

The gate from the east...

...and the west.

Caedon at the wall.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, bombed out during the war.

Jonah, Ashlyn, and Caedon in front of the Spree River.

This line of bricks runs through town where the wall used to stand. Its a reminder of the division that no longer splits the city in two. You can also just see the glass dome on the Reichstag at the top of the picture. Its a symbol of the open and transparent government of Germany. You can actually go up into the dome and look down on the lawmakers as the conduct the business of government.