Friday, July 01, 2011

Zuckertuten Party

Yesterday, after four and a half years of German preschool, Logan had his "graduation" party. He is now ready for real school! This morning he told us that yesterday was "the best day of his life." That sounds really good and it is an encouragement to see how well he has done. Especially after so many mornings where we had to drop him off crying and wanting to go back home. (Those days were not as frequent lately, but never ever completely went away.)

Here are some shots and video of the great day:

The traditional tree, decorated with leaves and sugar-bags, only of the wrong sort in both cases:

The tree after the kids properly decorated it:

They all do a conga-line:

In fact, they did a lot of dancing and singing:

Logan receives his cone:

All the kids with their cones:

After eating, the kids have some more dancing in the disco set up at the preschool: