Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here we are with part two of our area tour. Looking back to the west from our house, you see the old (200+ years?) church in the distance behind the trees. It is an evangelical Lutheran Church, and their community center is across the street from our house. Our house is the yellow one on the left, closest to the camera, and we have met half of the other 8 families that live along our street now in these other houses you see.

Turning back to the east, we now see the corner we showed you last time, with the bakery and the döner stand.

Across the street from that corner to the left, we have this bottle shop. It sells mostly alcohol, but soda and water too. The lady that runs it is very friendly. We usually buy a couple cokes from her every few days.

Further east down our street (Alte Meissner Landstrasse) we see the bus stop. Two bus lines come through this stop, and one continues right past our front door. Hundreds of people pass our house every day on their way downtown or back home.

At the bus stop, there is this little park. People from all over the neighborhood come to this park to relax or walk their dog. It cuts through the block to Meissner Strasse, a main street headed to the center of town.

These final two images are from the park. The first is looking south across our street towards another street, Gottfried-Keller. We will show you more of it later. The second is from the other side of the park looking east down Meissner Strasse towards downtown.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Here is a neat aerial picture of our town. Amazing to think that a city of a half million people built up around one of the most beautiful churches, has less than 2% making church a part of their lives.
(Click on the picture to get a bigger view.)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Here is a little tour of our area. For starters, the Church we went to this morning. It is about 20 blocks south of us:
Here we are walking east on our street, Alte Meissner Landstrasse, from the garage to our house. It is the yellow one up on our right.
Here is the house from across the street. We are in the middle, 53A. The one on the left is 53, and the one on the right is 53B. The family in B know english and have been very helpful in introducing us to the neighbors.

Just to the left of our house, between it and the red tree, is this walkway that leads into the block. There is a whole neighborhood inside the block that is only accessible by foot. There are four "blocks" of houses similar to ours within the block, before you reach the next street.
Proceeding down Alte Meissner to the east, you come to this bakery on the corner. We go there nearly every other day for bread, and an occasional cookie or cake.
Across the street from the bakery, is this Doner Restaurant. We eat here at least once a week, and have started trying our German out on the owners.
Hope you enjoyed this little walk down our street. Use it to PW for us and our area. I'll add some more of the neighborhood soon.