Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to school pictures. The kids started back on August 10th. We were the first german state to let out of school (June 26th) and the first to go back. Jonah started Gymnasium this year and Caedon started school with Ashlyn. Jonah is in 5th, Ashlyn 4th and Caedon 1st. (We held Jonah back a year so he wouldn't have the stress of learning German and catching up in math in the same year.)

Caedon at his desk at school.
Caedon's class, 1 a
Ashlyn and Caedon at his welcoming program. He is holding his Zuckertüte.
Walking out of the program. Ashlyn, as a 4th grader, danced and sang at the program and then each 4th grader picked a 1st grader to walk out to their Zuckertüte presentation.
Caedon with his best friend Tim and their Zuckertüten.
Jonah on his way out the door to walk to his first day at Gymnasium

The Germans really celebrate when a child begins school. The parents, grandparents and friends (and church) all give the children cardboard cones filled with sweets, school supplies, and toys, etc. The parents' is the biggest usually. Then they usually have a party with family and friends. We were invited (last minute, which is amazing) to Tim's party.His parents, grandparents anda adult friend/neighbor were there. We had good food and after dark, we had sparklers and small hot air balloons that we set off. (Tim's dad is a fireman.) It was fun for the kids and very special that they invited us to a "private" party.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some random pics from our drive down to Bavaria for our annual meeting. We saw Nurenberg and Rothenberg ob der Taube, two medieval cities in Germany. Both were very pretty and we enjoyed ourselves.